James Norbury - Abstract Artist Statement and Biography

Artist Statement

I have been working as an artist for over 20 years. 

I am endlessly fascinated by the mystery and wonder of nature - from the way cells divide to the unexplored potential of the human mind. In my work I try to bring the extraordinary qualities of nature onto the canvas. 

I spent many years as an illustrator, painstakingly recreating ideas in great detail before concluding that it was fundamentally unsatisfying. I find that by working in a semi-abstract style I am able to utilise the very forces I am trying to depict. 

By using techniques which rely on entropy (such as drips), I am able to harness nature within the picture. The methods which I have developed allow for me to paint half of the picture and guide nature to complete the other half.

No one could recreate the beautiful effects created when two colours randomly intermingle and so I have learned to guide this process to create the effects that I am after. Saying that truly controlling nature is impossible and so each piece contains a large element of faith and a few have to be completely restarted. 


Education - BSc. Zoology

Lives in Swansea, UK